Selected Essays

“Literature is the epiphenomenon of the action of the flesh.”

—Anthony Burgess, Nothing like the sun


“The corruption of the American republic” in American Herald Tribune

“The New York Times’ animal cruelty fetish” in CounterPunch

“The American Bible: King Donald version” in Paste Magazine

“Between two worlds” in Mekong Review

“Worshiping in the House of Saud: America’s demented relationship with Saudi Arabia” in Paste Magazine

“PC Torture?” in Dissident Voice

“Assange and the cowardice of power” in CounterPunch

“The mainstream media’s self-inflicted humiliation” in Paste Magazine

“Born of frustration: Review of Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘White'” in Dissident Voice

“Hollywood’s grotesque animal abuse” in CounterPunch

“Let’s call Western media coverage of Syria by its real name: Propaganda” in Paste Magazine

“Don’t miss ‘Joker'” in Dissident Voice

“Look in the mirror, America” in Paste Magazine